Babes In Toyland appear in Hot Metal Magazine, 7/95

“Hot Metal Issue 78 July 1995. Love re-reading these again. Nice hair Jason Fuller! Blood Duster in Fresh Flesh, Kyuss and the kick arse Babes In Toyland !!”
— Anthony Moore, Facebook

Lori commented on the shoot, “I bought the shirts, I have no idea who took the photo. Maybe Pat Blashill in N.Y.”

[credit: Anthony Moore, Facebook (posted 6/14/14)]
Scan of a Babes In Toyland interview, in which Kat corrected some parts. (1995?)

“Kat from Babes In Toyland disputed a few of the interwebs “facts” for our interview….”
— Dave TeeVee

[credit: Dave TeeVee, Facebook (posted 9/1/13)]

Awesome and pretty rare find of Lori! Love her hair! (199?)

[credit: Real Eyes]
Members of Babes In Toyland, 7 Year Bitch and Jack Off Jill backstage at the Rock Against Domestic Violence benefit show (4/8/94)

We can only see Maureen, though! Where are ya hiding, Kat and Lori?

As posted by Jessicka Addams of Jack Off Jill on Facebook,

“#‎tbt‬ April 8, 1994, backstage at a benefit show for Rock Against Domestic Violence with ‪#‎Babesintoyland‬ ‪#‎7YearBitch‬ & ‪#‎jackoffjill‬ at the Cameo Theatre in ‪#‎Miami‬ ‪#‎florida”

Maureen also wrote a beautiful, yet saddening, sentiment about Kurt Cobain in the comments; of hearing the news of his passing and having to break the news the everyone there. This was also Donita Sparks of L7’s birthday.
More from the 8/22 Babes In Toyland rehearsal,

“It took us a few tries, but here’s the Babes rehearsing “Happy Birthday” to you, Bill. Now, please, when the fuck can I take you for birthday pie at DuPars. Seriously. Happy Birthday to a publicist who became my friend. You helped our band so much. More than that, you just fucking rock.”
 — Maureen to Bill Bentley, Facebook (8/24/14)
Possible set list? What a tease!

Looks like the top part was cut off…

[credit: Maureen, Instagram (9/19/14)]
Maureen posted to Instagram! Rehearsal?


Babes In Studioland

Maureen posted  “Babes in Studio City Land 2014”, a beautiful photo of all three Babes in the studio with Martin Olson. How exciting!

Uploaded 9/17/14 - Maureen, Facebook