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End of August Babes In Toyland Playlist 2014

Here are some hot Babes In Toyland/Babes In Toyland members-related tracks to check out, if you haven’t, daily, throughout the rest of the month. Enjoy!

8/15 - “Handsome + Gretel”
8/16 - “Arriba”
8/17 - “Surd”
8/18 - “Hello”
8/19 - “Blood”
8/20 - “Realeyes”
8/21 - “I Hate You” - Italian Whorenuns
8/22 - “22”
8/23 - “S.F.W.”
8/24 - “Ragweed”
8/25 - “The Quiet Room”
8/26 - “Never”
8/27 - “Killer On The Road”
8/28 - “Watching Girl” - Shonen Knife cover
8/29 - “Right Now”
8/30 - “He’s My Thing”


Italian Whorenuns: Band that Kat B. was in right before she headed to Minneapolis, MN and formed Babes In Toyland with Lori B. The song “I Hate You” was itself a “cover” from the second band Kat was in about 1982-83 called The Venarays.

Shonen Knifer cover: In 1989, Babes In Toyland covered Shonen Knife’s song “Watching Girl” for a tribute album for Shonen Knife titled, “Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them”.
They would appear on this album along with bands such as Sonic Youth, L7, White Flag, Lunachicks and Frightwig.

Babes In Toyland performing "Bruise Violet" at the Marquee Club in London, August 25th 1992.

From a “fanmade” album that I am calling for now Live! Dead and Vile. Not sure if I am making that the official name, but for now it works. All major BIT fans should get the reference ;)

(credit: thekilldozerfan - youtube)

A bit more on the album: I am planning on making an album for all hardcore Babes In Toyland fans to enjoy for free. It should be huge, from their whole career. Of course, if the Babes don’t want this to happen, it won’t. But if it does, all rights will go to its owners. If all goes well, this will come out and in time for their reunion. It’ll be a big blast of Babes In Toyland. If anyone wants to help out of the planning, let me know! Thank you.

A Happy Birthday to the lovely Maureen! Maureen, you are such an inspiring person. We love you! Hope your birthday was fun, beautiful and special!
Article on Babes In Toyland, topping English indie charts for ten weeks with their first EP, “To Mother” (City Pages - 10/2/91?)

(credit: blog.thecurrent.org, S. Carlson)

Cindy Sherman’s stage banner artwork for Babes In Toyland

“Barbero shared how the band met Sherman: “Tim Carr, who signed us to Reprise, is friends with all the New York City artists. He hooked us up with different artists.”
Barbero remembers meeting Vito Acconci in New York and Diamanda Galás coming to one of their gigs. She says she hung out with Robert Longo during a Babes tour stop in Paris. And Cindy Sherman would occasionally end up at their New York shows, including one Barbero recollected at CBGBs.

“She really liked us,” Barbero told me. “She came to see us a few times, and I ended up hanging out with her at the end of the night. To be quite honest, I knew about her art, but after meeting her I really got into it.”

Through those conversations, an invitation came to visit Sherman’s SoHo studio to select artwork for use on album covers. “She opened a whole wall of drawers. I don’t know how many dozens we looked at,” she said. “I actually have six or eight photographs she gave me. She scribbled on the back, stuff like ‘This is a little too dark. I’d lighten it up,’ or whatever. Little notes.” Then, laughing, she added, “They’ve literally been in an envelope in a cupboard in my house until a year ago.”

Equally hidden away were three stage banners that were based on Sherman’s cover photos. Sherman confirms that she gave the OK for the images to be hand-painted on a large stage banner and two scrims, but she states she never saw the final result. Few did: Barbero says the large size of the banners–somewhere around 25 x 40 feet for the largest–prohibited their use in winds above 5 mph, which is most days during outdoor concert season. “They stayed immaculate because they’re in this giant Anvil case,” she said. “That was ’92, and I just took them out two years ago.” (Barbero had enlisted her friend, Minneapolis gallerist Suzy Greenberg, to take a look at the artworks before Greenberg passed away in 2012.)

Stage scrims based on the Cindy Sherman photos on the Fontanelle and Painkillers album covers. Photo courtesy Lori Barbero

Sherman also appears in the video for the band’s 1991 single “Bruise Violet,” which, as Sherman herself reveals, includes footage shot in her old SoHo loft. In the video, Sherman and Bjelland wear matching white dresses and wigs, part of the “kinderwhore” aesthetic Bjelland is credited with creating. The video culminates with Bjelland choking Sherman’s character on a stairwell. The song and video have been interpreted as referencing the feud between Bjelland and Courtney Love, who was briefly a member of Babes in Toyland before going on to form the band Hole and popularizing the “kinderwhore” look. The song includes the lines, “You got your stories all twisted up in mine / You got this thing that follows me around.” (Neither Bjelland nor Maureen Herman, Babes bassist from 1992 to 1996, responded to voicemail requests to discuss the band and its relationship with Sherman.)

Sherman was a natural during the video shoot, Barbero said. “Her just putting on the wig and looking like someone else, that’s what she does for living, so that was, to her, like making toast.”
Born in Minneapolis, Barbero left town in 2008–she’s now bartending and playing in various bands in Austin, Texas–so she won’t have the chance to see the Cindy Sherman exhibition in her hometown. But she still feels an affinity for the artist, and she suspects the feeling is mutual.
“That’s why I think all her walls were down, because I think she felt some kind of sisterhood,” she said. “Kindred spirits. I think that, just from observation, she thought it was cool that we didn’t get all dolled up. Kat was Kat, but you know, we is what we is. I think she was like that.”

Hand-painted Babes in Toyland stage banner based on Cindy Sherman’s artwork. Photo courtesy: Lori Barbero”

Read full article here: http://blogs.walkerart.org/visualarts/2013/02/07/cindy-sherman-babes-in-toyland-punk-rock/

On this page, we recognize the godliness that is Kat.
Babes In Toyland backstage at San Jose State Event Center, California (6/28/95).

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder